Project Legend of Aros (LoA) is a project designed to make a unique turn based rpg. The game would have a medieval setting and have unique features to a turn based game. Features include an in-depth character generation making each character unique through the may random choices they face in their 'character background generation' process, and LoA will also feature a last name algorithm to further randomize a character's background. A new and never implemented feature will allow for spells to not only countered but also may combine for better or worse effects. LoA's Game play will be hopefully fast enough for a turn based rpg with a specific amount of time for each player in battle to take a turn. Players will be encouraged to group up, and battle will be turn based on an X by y grid. Out side of battle players will be an icon on a world map and may enter the grid screen by the Explore and Camp option or by random battles. Inside specific areas, including: towns, caves, ruins, and forests, there will be mini-maps (smaller versions of field maps). Entering a building in some cases might have a special battle or in most cases will be a special mini-map for talking to towns people (AI) or other players (Multiplayer) only, like: bars, shops, and hotel rooms. Terrain, characters, and buildings will be in 3d and will be rotatable.

-- The Insane Monkey Team